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App - Cr4zYB4sT4rD

Postby Cr4zYB4sT4rD » 11 Feb 2016 01:10

Name: Francesco

Age: 23

Male or female IRL: Male

Homecountry and timezone: Rome +1

How active are you: fairly active, almosty daily. Play mostly in evening.

Main characters name, level and class: Cr4zYB4sT4rD - Main Sigel Eva's Templar lvl 98 - Dualmain Aeore Cardinal lvl 93.

Lineage 2 history: Play in l2 to ct4 interlude, I have been in much different server and I played with one of the strongest clans in the server unoffi low rate "la contea" in the NBK for different years, I have also played in many pvp server more on "kilah - hallate" known with the nick of "Sefirot". Game in the ' official server Naia since he became free till today.

Clan history: In naia i have played in a different number of clans, first I started with HolySpirit conquering the castle of Heine, subsequently have try for a short time TheNinthLegion, subsequently have try small clan pve and after big pvp as spanishmaffia and united but not for long.

Why did you choose KJ: I wanted to try this clan because from the outside and I felt strong enough and prepared to play and go on this server conquering having fun together.

Now pls read the rules of KJ

KJ Rules

Do you accept these rules: Yes

Amen :P
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Re: App - Cr4zYB4sT4rD

Postby Shelly » 11 Feb 2016 12:15

welcome :)
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Re: App - Cr4zYB4sT4rD

Postby Belamie » 11 Feb 2016 15:34


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