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App - Iss

Postby wavemix » 19 Jan 2014 18:37

Name: wavemix

Age: 24

Male or female IRL: Male

Homecountry and timezone: Portugal GMT+0

How active are you: at nigth (22h - 01h GMT+0) and weekends.

Main characters name, level and class: wavemix, 90, Iss Spectral Dancer

Lineage 2 history:
Started in hellbound update as bladedancer, changed to Phoenix Knight on gracia update, went back to dancer(Iss) on GoD launch.

Clan history: Naia: a portuguese clan and an international clan.

Why did you choose KJ: saw it on fórum, looks that it fits to me.

Now pls read the rules of KJ: let me grab some food and drink :P.

Do you accept these rules: I do.
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Re: App - Iss

Postby Shelly » 21 Jan 2014 09:11

welcome to KJ :)
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