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Windows application

Postby Windows » 02 Dec 2013 18:29

Name: Radek
Age: 28
Male or female IRL: male
Homecountry and timezone: Czech republic gtm+1
How active are you: 2-3 days in a weak ( depending on work )
Main characters name, level and class: Windows, Lvl 87 Feoh wizard
Lineage 2 history: playning on naia 2 years ago, now wanna some funny days with this game
Clan history: was in MK
Why did you choose KJ: Looking for cz/sk comunity and good clan.
Now pls read the rules of KJ : reviewink
KJ Rules : accepted clan rules
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Re: Windows application

Postby Shelly » 02 Dec 2013 22:51

Hi Windows,

welcome to our boards
i think your info is a bit outdated KJ is not a mainly czech/sk clan.
if you want international european clan its the right spot for you though :)
you can pm me ingame anytime "CastorKhan
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Re: Windows application

Postby kroana » 02 Dec 2013 23:13

I told him before his application about situation in clan. He knows about 2cze and 1 sk in KJ:D And it looks like that we played together before 4 years, but it was other nick :roll: :roll: :roll:
may he should write his nick from that times :roll: :roll: :roll:
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