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Postby bambi » 23 Apr 2012 12:33

Name: Valentina
Age: 23
Male or female IRL: Female
Homecountry and timezone: Italy gmt+1
How active are you: Each day, several hours per day
Main characters name, level and class: Memmius, 83, Maestro
Lineage 2 history: play for 7 years mostly on privates non pvp
Clan history: Mercenari (2 weeks)
Why did you choose KJ: Like crest and anti-bot rule
Do you accept these rules: Yes
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Main character name: Memmius

Re: Apply

Postby Sedero » 23 Apr 2012 13:47

Pls PM ingame Yasy, belamie or Sedero
Sedero, Healer since 2005
Buli wrote:Is he famous or smth?

yes he is!!
Sedero: Cardi 101// Storm Screamer 101
Sewi: 99 Ghost Sentinal // Duelist XX
Seer of Blood
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