Aplly P0w3r4de

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Aplly P0w3r4de

Postby Powerade » 05 Apr 2012 21:14

Male or female IRL:Male
Homecountry and timezone:Greece Gmt+2
How active are you:Min3hours Max 10/12
Main characters name, level and class: Aeore Healer 88lvl (20%) [also owning an iss 87]
Lineage 2 history:L2dragonNetwork low rate several years quite from there cuz server died,Pvp in high rate servers from time to time just to have some pvp fun. New player on Naya 4months now
Clan history:Crusaders clan naya server Clan leader Revo Co-Leader Sanone left from there as a friend.
Why did you choose KJ:Yasy was polite to invite and told me i could join KJ.
Now pls read the rules of KJ:read em
Do you accept these rules:I do accept them
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Re: Aplly P0w3r4de

Postby Belamie » 05 Apr 2012 21:27

pm me or Yasy for invite

EvaSaint Pwnz

Belamie 102 Aore
Akamana 102 Feho
DonnJuan 99 Iss
Hakamana 99 Evi
MistyVenus 96 Iss
Tabakuda 89 Crafter
Maximun 94 Iss
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Re: Aplly P0w3r4de

Postby bcn92 » 08 Apr 2012 11:46

rafa name
age 52
THE male or female: male
Spain born gmt +1 time
soi active person game 6 hours a day +
pricipal pesonaje iss hysterical level 87 class
c4 sever jugadol2 from pirates
send clan history in ispanis, sc Wider Caribbean
I would like to enter the clan good people
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Re: Aplly P0w3r4de

Postby Yasy » 10 Apr 2012 01:37

powerade invited
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