Looking for new clan :)

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Looking for new clan :)

Postby Kuriyami » 03 Aug 2008 10:53

Hey Everyone , i recently started playing l2 again and transfered from what was Erica server to teon and im looking for a new clan in teon :)

L2 history - I've been playing on and off for the last 3 years, On erica server i had a level 75 Destroyer / 56 phantom summoner (which is now my main on teon and lvl 60) ,sk 52 and a few other characters
I've had alot of experience in PVP due to been in the biggest Pvp allaince on erica server and id like to take a rest from the pvp and focus on pve and having a good time

Clans history - I use to be in biggest Alliance on erica server for about 6 months,realised that alot of members where not legit and i really am not a fan of bots so i left and left erica server to join teon hoping for less bots

About me - Im 18 year old male , From England / Living in England , Full time job But still find time to play Lineage2 when i get home and not out oh and you can call me Sam :)

About my toon - Level 60 Phantom Summoner full b grade top , will have top A grade gear once i level (hopefully by tuesday this week)

In game name - Kuriyami

I read and agree with the clan rules.

Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you guys soon

P.s I cant join till 8pm Gmt+1 due to leaving an unlegit clan
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Re: Looking for new clan :)

Postby Verin » 03 Aug 2008 14:05

Hello there Kuriyami.

and left erica server to join teon hoping for less bots

Weeeeeeeeell... :mrgreen: Teon may not meet your expectations in that sense :geek:

That said... you look like you'd fit just fine with us. PM me in game ( Verin ) and I'll find you a recruiter.

See you :!:
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Re: Looking for new clan :)

Postby formallykreature » 03 Aug 2008 14:46

Ver are you not a recruiter cos im pretty sure you should be :P


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