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Ektobuffers application

Postby KJ_Ekto » 14 Jul 2008 22:57

I know there are differences in the room like we say in german, but for such actions like helping with Fortresses it would be better if im in KJ (im still a KJ minded Player).

I still have no problem with the rules, only thing changed is that im more agro at bots as im before and im also changed my mind from "want to be high lvl guy" into "who cares about lvl, i want to have my fun". I have reroled to Tyrant and usually play him, but it makes more sens to put Ektobuffer in Clan again because hes more usefull as a lvl 40+ Tyrant.

Whatever, most time im at KJ TS anyway and playing with KJ most of time im in Party, so the changes are........the clantag not more ithink :D

greetings Ekto
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