The advantages of being a KJ

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The advantages of being a KJ

Postby Freythekitty » 14 Sep 2016 12:58

Beying in KJ clan, especially for those who are here long, means something. We really apretiate game and the fun it can give.
We like playing with a nice balance between exping and growing the character and pvp fights where we can test ourselfs.
We really hope that by playing with us you will not only have a nice time, but also will sink into the style we have and we like :D

What comes with 'being a KJ' ? here are some points:

  • we are a pve and pvp clan
    as a member you build up your char and have a chance to test it in war - you use full spectrum of game
  • our clan has full skills and squads
    as a member of main clan you get a lot of boost in your stats
  • out Clan Hall is located in Goddard
    as a member u have a nice, cozy place to get your cp/mp/hp faster at a fireplace
  • we have a clear communication structure in clan, including TS meetings once a month
    as a clan member you are well informed of what is going on
  • we have clan real life meetings
    as a member you can meet us, have real fun with us, visit some parts of world with us
  • we are international
    as a member u are in a very interesting and diverse environment (culture, habbits, off game topics)
  • we are experienced - clan exist since Chronicle 3
    as a member you can listen to some storys about antient times, how it used to be ;)
  • we have two clan crafters that are specially equipped to have a lot of LUC.
    as a member you can use them to increase your succes rate in crafts/enchants
  • out leader is 24/7 online
    you always have clan advent buff
  • we have a leader with strong character :)
    as a member you can enjoy the Big Orc company :!: :D
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