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Martlex ...

PostPosted: 07 Nov 2014 00:03
by sercatum ban but discussion at forum - official is even more intresting.

1st looks like they change or influence client that player can have skills not from his class .. not even from sub class (what recently was also observed)
2nd They can change reuse of skill (how?! who knows)
3rd and other small (skynet counting victory/death ratio, target clan based etc) well known cheats.

But after all discussion is even more intresting - check part about zR :)

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Default Re: Easiest Ban of my life

Bro, just stay in the RL .. its scary here on the internets.
what I find really funny is how much you hold to your story of being good at this game hahaha.

The reality is you were never good at this game, you were good at making scripts, gotta give you that victory, but that wasnt even an accomplishment since you just had extra access that the rest didnt had, it happened with l2n3t, it happened with z r, if the functs and docs were free for all you would be still a scrub to the level of txtshop.

Not even gonna talk about martel, the guy is totally null, he only has you diego, so.. yea you are important, for martel

Talking about your nova victories? haha we made u **** ur pants and we didnt even ever had proper leadership, cj never played naia and the sh leaders we had really didnt care about the game as much as you guys did, we still made you wake up at 4am to sneak dragons, we made you refuse 7v7s unless you had the perfect party and that includes getting kicked from pvp (haha yes you did got kicked from 7v7s), you had recruit people to outnumber us, we made you go to z.r admin and cry to block our things, we made you take down ur whole skynet, we made your clannies pay for our vacations so they could have items to beat us while we didnt had awesome items, we made hide public to use for everyone and made every dagger from ur clan cry on tears to the point zarge had to buy a new chair cause he couldnt remove the blood stain, you had to apply lame tactics such as 10 botted iss in crest room in order to keep castle, you had to bug skills reuses, you had to forbid your own clan getting fun (doing pvp) just to keep the war score, im bored to keep writing I think this is enough

Idk about you, but, add all the pvps videos from our side winning too, that pretty much sounds like a victory to me, you can keep the castle or w.e dragon u got, I will keep the memories of those laughs after hearing all the records of you and martel mad cause we got ur magics


Heh, we had parallel battles at other dimension .. to win Dimension sieges :D

Re: Martlex ...

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2014 01:20
by sercatum
Next posts :)

Originally Posted by Generic11
You would be really suprised how much I played by hands. The automatiosation was very, very limited in my case. Mostly spamming elixirs or pots, used hold weapon and dispel some buffs. Even people in my CP disliked me becuase I resisted to become to be one button healer.

Ha ha - now people are proud they use limited version of zR :D

Re: Martlex ...

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2014 13:43
by Buli
It's sad people even use that tactics in a mmorpg be it L2 or smth else. Just have fun people

Re: Martlex ...

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2014 15:20
by sercatum
Pushed by curiosity (made query at google "zR lineage 2 Diego") I landed at open forum of zR.

I found nice 'discussion' of customer with admin of zR
user wrote:Why does Einheit clan of naia has Anti-Hide function and all the other players not? We are paying customers as well.

Vargas + Martel +Thebatman better customers?

Time to switch on tower.

Admin of zR wrote:1) Only I could decrypt and view scripts. But I could notify users about issues in encrypted script if present.
2) Anti-Hide function was implemented using documented functions and brain of author. Unfortunately I provide only tools, brain is not my responsibility.

As for you. You tried to fuck all ZR community, moreover your trick could not harm Einheit, because they have access to original script.
So, I hope, that you will move to another soft, I don't need such users like you.

About d00d, he helps a lot with improving ZR. Moreover the results of his contribution is available to all ZR users.

So what did you contribute to community?

And mine final
admin of zR wrote: You guys are not 50% of Naia server etc. You just several thieves that belongs to that side. Don't shame all other legal users from this side.

Last sentence made me LOL.

After I just went throug and found cool stories.
Sutrius, did you inform SH that "your" anti-hide version also contained a virus that whenever you decided to fuck over a person with 1 word you could delete all his items and adena? I'm sure not even your own clan would use "your" script if they knew what was in it.

And replay:
it has 1 command to delete all items if ur einheit, never advertise as my own, everyone knows whos is this. Simple protection

Most intresting (from Ban of martlex story is that):
Admin I think you should really remove packet manipulation altogether , it's at black voodoo level and the implications are potentially big if precautions were not made server side and history certainly confirms this has happened with the 0x58 that both nova and sh abused to over enchant items. Beyond replacing hide packet with blade dancer shadow hide you can have access to invisible GM's logged in , the infamous ValidateLocation , say/say2 for spying purposes.
It's not the only thing nova has had privileged access to in the past such as the undocumented widget optimizations that limit the update-rate and number of elements that are shown depending on your CPU and bandwidth , server crashes exploits, frost bypass etc.
It's really saddening that as a proper business you should be impartial to all customers.

In short they manage to change packages sent to server in way that server is not treating as error.
result is what we have seen : skills from all classes in one char or even from admin set, reuse skill changed etc.
Whatever was defined by L2 developers - even as test purpose can be used by zR special users (I guess top Nova)

Re: Martlex ...

PostPosted: 10 Nov 2014 18:19
by Shelly
the better the script the bigger the penis you know :)

oh i wish i would care :D

Re: Martlex ...

PostPosted: 11 Nov 2014 01:40
by sercatum
Shelly wrote:the better the script the bigger the penis you know :)

oh i wish i would care :D

Not that I care in terms of win-lose any-more.
But it is always worth to know who/what against you are.

Some time ago (when I was Wrath) I was PvP someone and I was sure he was using skills not from his class.
All told me - it was augment but ... maybe not?
What I understand sending whatever package you wish is well known since 2+ years.
So far people were afraid to used it once OE skills or OE weapon has been detected and NC reacted.
Still idea is known and it is just up to programmer to use it.

Nova had D00d (ignore who it is) and he already made use of it.
We can see (could apparently as all become private) in fraps they added GM skills and change reuse of skills.
They also (maybe someone saw it - I did ) are able to send false geo-data about position what makes you impossible to target one, even if your client display it correctly.
All above (+ some extra what is not so exciting) I just read at open forums ... Guess what can be found in closed :?

Point is I'm wonder what NC is going to do.
What I understand zR but also Tower and L2net(what is that?) has implemented package injection thus in theory every user can simulate anything.

I hope L2Ru will be flooded by those injections and address that issue to NC Korea.
I don't see any help from NC west apart of locking Olympiad stat :(