If anyone is interested in an amazing old school L2...

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If anyone is interested in an amazing old school L2...

Postby Light616 » 13 Jul 2018 12:17


Just started playing few days ago. I can't believe something like this exists! An Official, subscription based server, with no cash shop - no pay2win. Pretty much the only good L2 server in existence. Its a classic L2 server, so it's a reimagination of the older chronicles and its amazing. I like it a lot. It has pretty much everything I want out of a lineage game. I truly recommend it.
The first month of sub is only 2 € . So you can try it out for next to nothing.
If anyone is interested in playing, leave a post and we can meet up in game :)
I'm playing a Rogue, ofc XD

Here are some interesting things I've noticed while playing so far:

- Its a reimagination. So its not a copy of the older chronicles. While very familiar, Items, Skills, Quests, UI etc. are slightly or completely different. It's basically its own game. And I actually really like that. It's a familiar, but new experience at the same time.
- The server is very early in the progression. Gear only up to A grade is available.
- Pretty much all armor sets have new or different effects.
- Enchant set bonuses exist for up to +10!
- Weapon enchanting gives soulshot damage bonus. 0.3% per enchant.
- There are 3 types of enchant scrolls, Normal, Solid ( something like Destruction scrolls ), and Improved ( something like Giant's )
- there are "enhanced" soulshots which give additional 15% ss damage. ( only B grade and above, from what i've seen )
- Soul Crystals are called Runes. They drop from Raids. There's Othell, Tyrr, Sigel, Iss, Aeore, Feoh, Yul, Wynn runes. They can be added to weapons D grade and above. Each Rune has 2 possible effects, which you choose when adding one to your weapon. There are 13 levels of Runes. There are Super Runes with different effects. Runes can be extracted from weapons with no damage to the weapon or the rune.
- Augmentation works for all weapons D and above. Theres 3 types of Life Stones. Common, Mid, High. All augmented weapons are tradeable !
- Many skills require Spellbooks!
- Boss jewelry is different than before both in stats and its upgradability.
- And ofc, there's no cash shop. All items are obtainable only in-game - hunting mobs, raids, spoiling, crafting etc.
- Dying from mobs makes you lose a good chunk of exp AND there's a possibility for you to drop items from your inventory!
- From the "Daily Mission" UI, you get rewards while leveling and playing. There's one-time rewards, daily, weekly, monthly etc.
- There's fishing. Fish Stews with different effects exist. Some give exp/sp bonuses.
- There's scrolls that give exp/sp bonuses. Some are obtainable as "Daily Mission" rewards. There are other ways to obtain exp/sp bonus scrolls. I'm not sure how yet. Might be something to do with pvp, or sieges or something else.
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