Teredor- How to?

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Teredor- How to?

Postby Rokas » 11 Feb 2012 00:25

Couldn't find a place for this so here it goes, seen a lot of ppl asking this ingame and in foruns, i made this post on oficial foruns but i think you guys deserve it too ;)

Teredor - How to?

Simple, party setup is pretty much this:

Healer (can be replaced by a DD, but better be safe then sorry)
3 DD (one needs to be ranged)

As for the raid, you run there in shadow, u dont use the run skill on horse until u pass the first batch of eggs mobs, u go to the small narrow bridge instead of charging strait ahead, when u reach terador spot u run to the side and a bit deep, most mobs will reset, kill the others.

Be carefull with aoe and random running , cause if you agro terador during this stage it will probably be a wipe.

As for the raid, a few things:

Healers can push tree next to tank and resolve the debuff problem, just force use the push skill on the tree and voila.

Iss needs to make a macro with:
/target teredor
/useskill petrefy (drag drop the skill to the macro)

when terador runs away, as soon as he becomes targatable again use that, what happens? no crazy aoe, and normally no elites spawn.

The ranged DD is on Egg dutty after the second time tere runs, just kill blue eggs, bring minions that spawn back to tank and other DD's and repeat.

If u follow this you have no problems.

PS: after the boss goes down you better watch out... normally elites spawn, better save a party ud to sort this part out because there is a lot of poison arround, and mobs can gang up on squishy targets pretty fast.

PPS: on the run everyone should have knight harmony , and at least S80 elemented or R. if should also have a few hp potes to use jPust in case and you will be fine.

if anything of this goes badly wrong, just pr, w8 for ppl to respwan dead in town, ress , w8 10mins for instance reset and try again.

Gonna try make a nice clean raid and make a video ;)
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