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LF Smart computer guys (new Vid card)

PostPosted: 16 Dec 2016 09:02
by Doompje
Good day everyone.
How are you all doing?

As the subject already hints, im looking to replace my excisting videocard.
Mine rescently crashed 10x in a row. After cleaning it, I realised this 4 yo baby might be replaces.

So, at this moment I have a AMD Radeon HD6950
Id like to keep it low budges.
I do have 2 monitors attached to it.
1 is still HD-ready (used VGA-HDMI converter), but will be replaced soon for a new one.

I dont need a benchmark.
Just some HQ smooth gameplay.
I only play games and watch youtube while doing :0 No video edditing or mass rendering.

So, what do you guys advice?